JoKra Houtdraaiwerk

Woodturning as a hobby !

My passion for woodturning started about 30 years ago after making a hard wooden staircase in my house. I started that with very little wood turning experience. I then kept going and ended up with a very interesting hobby.
In recent years I have specialized in turning dollhouse miniatures and I stand at international dollhouse and miniatures fairs.
Partly at the request of a number of enthusiastic miniaturists almost all of my miniatures are signed with a JoKra mark.

Wood enthousiast

Wood can in some ways be similar to humans. Each wood species has its own character with many good and sometimes less good qualities. It is sometimes stubborn and goes against the grain. It sometimes warps or tears in unwanted places.
But, if you handle it properly and treat it right, it is a wonderful material to work with. Especially the variety of types, colors and specific patterns of each piece of wood make it possible to make some fantastic designs.

With the many photos on the other pages, I would like to show you what's possible.

John Kramer

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